The Himos Erotiikka experience in 🇫🇮

Finnish Erotic Fair…  A compleatly different experience to Sweden, Norway and Denmark as a participant and artist.

The second year of porn madness for me. Himos is located in the Finnish countryside. It’s an old ski resort. One swedish word that comes to my mind when I look at the place is “sparsmakat”. The Erotic fair venue consited by a concert hall and beside it was an abandoned  school in modern style and now serving as a bdsm & kink – club furnitured with many playtoys, fuck machines and wheels to tie up and spin people on.

Last year I had no energy left to really check the area of all the cottages out in the daytime when not working. My adventure of last year was limited to when Mr Lothar, the adult entertainer king of Finland and facilitator of the event took me and my friend on a tour to the school building and the swingerspizzeria.

I remember feeling like fresh meat in the compamy of Cheetah & Mr Lothar when entering the pizzeria. The odeur of pretty bad pizza, sweat and horniness hit my face. Peoples faces turned to the open door when entering 😂

This year I new what to expect but I had still no clue how big this event was, the  entire village surrounding the event venue, the swingerspizzeria and the kinky schoolbuilding wss crowded with people in latex and kinky, washing their car nude on the lawn, performing oral sex in the balcony or just taking a stroll naked by the main road watching the cars passing bye with hungry eyes – same ones of the swingers pizzeria. Amusing and Bizarre- yes, sexy – not at all but over all very relaxed and welcoming.

I was really enjoying the days spent in Himos and my Finnish co – workers. Finns are sincere, serious and totaly crazy in other ways and I just love the combination. The nighttime shows of my finnish co-workers where crazy, most are in the adult movie industry and they all ended up in a big public gangbang on mainstage in the end.

Even though I always feel like the swedish boring prude when performing on finnish erotic stages I feel alive when I’m in Finland.

I add some pics from the erotic fair, some behind the scenes and some pics from my well spent time with a finnish queer burlesque & rapper co-worker and 💏 friend – cameras was of course not aloud but as long as I was with Mr Lothar it was 👍 for the swedish prude to take pics;) the adult film entertainers & the more prude dancers

My second human stripperpede in my lifeMr Lothar & the titty sisters

One of my four performaces

❤️Crazy Himos

Mimi Morfin – goth show

Between penis pumps, rubber bands to pump muscles and the neccessary & timeconsuming updates of social media


Sexy bitch before she lid herself on fire on stage

  1. Alessa performing on a tantra evning 😍😋

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