News from my life

For the moment I’m no longer active on the gentlemens clubs in Sweden, they also shut down one after one. Circumstances made me have to change my path again and this is the news from my life.

As it is now I’m active on the erotic fairs in Sweden and abroad but live appearances can be made with my web booking on this page.


Instagram & Fetisch and Dominatrix – news:

I suffered some challanges last year, one was the strike of my built up insta account that got permanently deleated. I see this as a new beginning now when having some more currage.

And also a way to give more time and devosion to my passion for my dominatrix practice.

My best way to help my followers in the right direction is to categorize my content.I have noticed some confusion among my followers and clients.

Since some like it sweet and get scared of salt or crazy or the opposet, get confused my sweetnes when craving salt I now categorize my insta content into three accounts that are seperate.

Fetisch: lady_leonas_world

Sweet: luna__davila

Private: circus_luna

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