My sexy show gear

Lårhöga läderstövlar och piska. Hylla och hyllad rumpa. Älskar och tackar för den positiva uppmärksamheten. När mitt jobb flyter är det 👌🙏🙏

Domina saturday life. 2 hours sleep. Woke up early as f..k to do 2 bachelor parties and 1 session domination. Leather boots on, heels and wips with me. Got loved and adored for my curves. Filter free as usual!!

Göteborgare, vad är era kinks?

I love the sensation of plastic against my skin and the sensation it gives other when they enjoy it. As I promissed another plastic-love friend from long time to return and give sessions in Gothenburg I will grant that wish.

It took some time but I did return. Week 11 is up for bookings of sessions. What's your longings?
Do you have sensations and kinks you want to live out?
I also give session in life coaching and of course in a warm and intimate place. I really like beeing dynamic and meet the sometimes more complex and dynamic longings of my clentel.

Casual nudes & cardigan thaughts

Nude in my cardigan, join me for free…
This morning feel special.
Just landed in Stockholm after buying a house in the countryside.
Next week I will try to go to Egypt for some work.

In these crazy times travel has not been very pleasant for me. I use to travel as company & work but last 2 years has been insane as people are driven ny fear.
Now I will make an effort to go to Egypt.
My first round.

As I get back I will start the bookings on sessions again but until then the cosy casual cardigan sofa reflections on this world and how it might look will be continued

Kisses for feets & bum

Good morning kinksters and lovely people.
My feet & bum longing for some workship session.

I've been very busy during Christmas & Jan, establishing a new partnership & buying a house.

I will be ready for session bookings again very soon.
Here's some Domina greetings from my cosy morning in the sofa nude & cardigan casual. Just waking up & would love a foot massage….